Monday, October 03, 2011


Where are the Challengers?

There's an article in Nashville's City Paper that talks about Senator Lamar Alexander's recent move to step down as Senate Republican Conference Chairman and to instead work on "bipartisan solutions." Also referenced are Lamar's recent fundraising efforts to put Tennessee dollars into the pockets of known RINOs Olympia Snowe and Dick Lugar.

There is quite a bit of gnashing of teeth and vitriol at Lamar's actions, and likely with good cause, as Tennessee elected him to represent their interests, not some bipartisan mumbo jumbo.

But here is my question regarding both Lamar and Senator Bob Corker, who, if you haven't noticed, is up for re-election in 13 months:

If the base in Tennessee is so filled with angst about their two Republican senators, then where are the primary challengers?

Lamar walked to his second full term in 2010. Bob looks to be uncontested in 2012 (unless someone is raising cash in the shadows, and that would have to be the mother of all stealth campaigns).

If Lamar and Bob are so far afield of the Tennessee conservative base, then why are they not being challenged at all?

UPDATE: Right on cue, Bob Corker added to Lamar's call for more bipartisan legislation.

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From what I have just read on the Internet, Zack Poskevich (from Hendersonville) and Brenda Lenard (from Knoxville) are challenging Sen. Corker for his seat. Both have Tea Party backing (which has apposed the bank bailout). Please consider voting for one of these candidates and inform your friends of the choice before the Republican Primary in August. Lets at least send our RINO Senator a message.
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