Friday, October 21, 2011


Herman Cain Speaks on 9-9-9 in Detroit Today

It was apparent to this observer from watching the debate earlier this week that the folks running against Herman Cain for the GOP nomination are relying on folks not being informed as to Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan. Their hope is that American voters remain confused as to the differences in state and federal taxes. Like Cain said in the debate, this is apples and oranges. Cain is trying to reform the federal tax program. Despite Mitt Romney's protestations, it wouldn't be legal for any sitting president to alter the way a state taxes its residents.

Cain explained a little more about his plan in Detroit earlier today. In the nearly 20 minute speech, Cain talks about incentives for capital gains by corporations and entrepreneurs, the deductions that businesses would have to work in "opportunity zones," how this activity would be an incentive for cities to work to help themselves, and other facets of the plan.

I am with Ann Coulter, who, as she stated last night on "Hannity," likes the plan more and more as Cain's political rivals keep attacking it.

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