Saturday, October 08, 2011


Election Schedule Chaos A Result of Romney "Gaming the System?"

Well, Nevada moved up their primary into January. Given that New Hampshire and Iowa law dictates when their primaries are to be held, this very well could push New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation-primary to January 3rd and Iowa's caucuses to the day after Christmas. Yes, this ridiculous race by the states has caused the 2012 elections to being in 2011.

But this is getting more interesting since it very much appears that Mitt Romney and his uber-rich supporters are, in the words of candidate Jon Huntsman, "gaming the system" by having the primaries run in an order where he maintains momentum and collects victories early on in states where he is strong.

I suppose this can be spun one of two ways. Either Mitt Romney is a suburb strategist who will win at any cost, or Mitt Romney doesn't have the policy positions to win on an even playing field and his conniving suggests that perhaps he is running in the wrong primary. Not sure which spin will win out with the electorate (if either, given that voter apathy must also be seen as a possible "eh, who cares?" outcome), but both are equally plausible.

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This may be something I should ask privately. Im going to ask because it is a hot question among Christian conservatives. If Mitt Romney were the guy. Would him being a mormon affect you voting for him?

I would love to actually ask this on a forum of several Christian conservatives.
Renee -

While I don't believe it is an automatic disqualifier, it is a factor in my decision. Personally, I am more concerned with Romney's Obama-like positions on key issues than on his Mormon beliefs.


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