Sunday, March 07, 2010


Tennessee This Week

I'm watching "Tennessee This Week" on this fine day here in Knoxville, and I have to wonder:

Do you have to be delusional to Chair the Tennessee Democratic Party, or is it the office itself that makes one crazy?

Seriously, I want to know. Chip Forrester is on WATE with Gene Patterson now talking about the great job that D.C. Democrats are doing and how Tennesseans want to elect candidates that will assist the "new leadership" in their legislative initiatives.

Really? I mean, really? He keeps referring to Tennessee as a moderate state, too. That's funny. I seem to remember Tennessee going red in 2006 and 2008 - very possibly more so than any other state in the Union.

I understand that it's Forrester's job to do what he can to help his candidates, but what one has to realize that is by openly lying about things viewers (or readers) know to be false, that one loses credibility. It's no different than a closing argument where your client has basically admitted to the charge (be it contempt or a criminal offense) during his or her testimony. If an attorney then tells the judge that in his closing that his client didn't commit a contemptible offense or commit the crime, he loses credibility with the judge. The judge might tune out that attorney and ignore any valid arguments that he may have regarding other issues, like sentencing.

By spreading the joy that Tennesseans have with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid - in the face of poll numbers that show the opposite - Forrester risks being hastened to nothing more than white noise. Or, at the least, being compared to Kevin Bacon...

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I like the comparison to aAimal House. Here around Cool Springs, TN everyone is fed up with all the stuff going on at the state level.
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