Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Tennessee Republicans Think You're Stupid

Heh. Senate Republicans apparently think that Tennesseans are so dumb that they can't tell the difference between the words "elect" (as it says in the Tennessee Constitution) and "select" (as they pushed through the Senate Judiciary yesterday).

Those words are mutually exclusive, ladies and gentlemen - just like the words "honest" and "Republican" have become in recent times. I thought that this was more a national phenomenon with which we in Tennessee had immunity. That apparently is not the case anymore.

Promises were made during campaign season regarding the reinstitution of the Tennessee Plan. Apparently, new promises have since been made with the liberal trial lawyers (and their impressive checkbooks) by those running the show in the Tennessee Senate - and you have to look at the leadership here, beginning with Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.

Consider yourself warned, Tennessee Republicans. If the Democrats are smart enough to nominate conservatives like Nathan Vaughn (should he seek a rematch in 2010), then the grassroots will flock to a new party. As they should, as your party has proven to be out of touch with the populace. The grassroots has come to the conclusion that all you think about is guns, guns, guns, and everything else is just a matter of politics. I can't tell you how many grassroots activists have said this very thing to me over the past month.

Do you think you've done enough in this legislative session to make a sincere case that you deserve the privilege of redrawing the legislative districts come 2011?!?! Really? Could you be trusted to do so after this session?

Absolutely sickening.

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