Thursday, May 28, 2009


Bredesen - Putting Programs Over People

Is this right? Governor Phil Bredesen's proposed budget axes over 1,300 jobs - many in fields such as child welfare and mental health - but actually expands the amount of money - by millions of dollars - given to Pre-K, the sacred budgetary cow that is Bredesen's educational equivalent to TennCare?

Yeah, that's wise in these economic times, where the State is having to raid the "rainy day fund" just to balance Bredesen's ever-expanding budget.

I can picture it now - "Yes, Johnny, you get to go to your Pre-K program today, which has never been proven to be beneficial to you or any other child, while Mommy sits at home since she's been laid off after 10 years of service to the State of Tennessee..."

Bredesen is in the pocket of Pre-K Now, the special interest group that has bilked state governments to the tune of $5 billion thus far. Who knew that our multimillionaire governor could be bought by the special interests? That's pretty much what has happened, isn't it? Why else would someone pump millions and millions of dollars into a program that has shown no attributable value nationally? I thought that was the point in having rich people as executives - so that they were above the influence. Guess that theory doesn't hold water anymore...

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