Friday, March 13, 2009


Let the Madness Begin... Early.

Simply an incredible game in the Big East quarterfinals on Thursday night. SIX OVERTIMES?! As someone who appreciates that the best basketball in the country is played in the Big East but did not have a rooting interest in this game, it was athletic drama at its finest. The competition was truly epic; while I may not remember who wins this tournament a couple of years down the road, I bet that I remember this quarterfinal game.

You gotta like West Virginia's chances later on today against Syracuse. If I had to play a six overtime game and then play a game later on that same day (which is essentially what is happening since Syracuse's win over UConn was finalized after midnight), they would have to call a pastor to preside over the wake and subsequent funeral.

It's amazing how much better the level of play is in the Big East, and the tournaments have helped prove that. Try flipping channels between the Big East, SEC, ACC, and Big 12 tournaments and compare the level of play. It's not even close. However, you have to question whether games like Thursday night's are examples of the old adage that the Big East beats up on itself in the regular season and conference tournament, which wears down the teams so that they can't win the "Big Dance." It's something to be "tournament tested," but last night was ridiculous.


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