Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Twas the Night Before National Signing Day

Someone posted this over at Volquest regarding tomorrow's events, which for many college football fans has become akin to a national holiday. I have covered UT's NSD signings for several years. We'll see what I have in store for tomorrow.


Twas the night before Signing Day, when all through the house
Every Vol fan was pacing, scared like a mouse
The Volquesters were logged in to Rivals with care
In hopes that Brent Hubbs soon would be there

The recruits were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of touchdowns danced in their heads
My wife holding a kleenex, a seat at the dinner table currently unmanned
Honey, this is national signing day, women just don't understand

When from my phone, a vibrating clatter
I sprang to grab it and see what was the matter
And to the text I sprang like a flash
Tana Patrick to Bama, Saban sure is an ass

The sun was outside melting the snow
But I was inside, 'cause Myles was at the ESPN Zone
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
He plucks a Tennessee hat, he's all vol from here!

Some may say he'd been swayed for fame
But we all know it was one man, Monte Kiffin's the name
More rapid than eagles the commits started to come
My phone rang once, twice, and still was not done

Now Graves! Now Lacy! and Kelly as well!
All to UT, Lane must be a good sell!
But what about Brown and Marsalis Teague too?
Would they be orange and white, or orange and blue?

Stokes confirmed to UT, boy he stayed true
No surprise there, Janzen to LSwho
And then, on Volquest, a post with much chatter
Brent Hubbs breaks news that makes fans scatter

They tell their friends at Ohio State and Georgia
They tell their friends at Bama and Florida
The fence 'round the state is built too strong
Teague and Brown were Vols all along!

The day almost done and the news starting to slow
But many prospects remain on the undecided board below
Bryce and Sam, if you want to win you know where to sign
Orson and Oku, come to UT and you won't ride the pine

All in all a pretty good day
The experts were stumped, had nothing to say
How could this staff of done so well
With only a few weeks, they had no time to dwell

The doubters were wrong, the haters are silent
The SEC best watch out, things 'bout to get violent
Lane, Ed, and Monte are cracking the whip
And they'll bring Rocky Top another championship.


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