Friday, January 16, 2009


What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger - and This Cold Just Might Kill Me

Anyone who has seen me in court over the past two days has surely been conflicted over whether to feel pity or feel amused. With my voice having disappeared on Tuesday evening on my way back from Nashville, I was pretty useless in Sevier County Juvenile Court Wednesday morning. As my voice continued to fail, I almost had to break down into interpretive dance to communicate with Judge Rader.

My voice was a bit better on Thursday, although I probably felt worse. If the case scheduled for the afternoon in Blount County Juvenile Court hadn't been one that I had been involved in for over 17 months and was set for conclusion, I probably would have been laid up in bed.

That being said, I was unable to attend Blogger Night with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra on Thursday night. (You can get a complete recap from Frank Murphy over at his site.) Likewise, I was unable to attend the Blount County Commission meeting, where our good friend Peggy Lambert was selected to take the place of newly elected Representative Robert Ramsey on the Commission.

Sometimes I have to laugh about how I garner certain information before it is released. The Daily Times and certain other commissioners were seemingly shocked at Lambert's quick rise to the Commission, as only some other guy named Huddleston had been formerly nominated for the job. Heck, it's been at least 5 months since I was told that Peggy would more than likely take Ramsey's spot. I'm just glad that it's done with, because it's somewhat disconcerting to keep reading headlines like "Huddleston Looks to Join Commission" when I don't remember doing anything of the sort.

Now let's see if I can get to feeling better...

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