Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I Can't Wait to See January End

January has not been a kind month on many fronts, one of which for me has been with my health. After three straight days of a bench trial in the first week of January (which followed several days of trial preparation), my immune system was thoroughly depressed, so much so that a virus hit me within hours of the case being recessed until March. I tried to fight through the illness, lost my voice for two days, even started arguing cases through pantomime and interpretive dance, but I still kept trying to manage my caseload through the coughing, congestion, and laryngitis.

Like every man in my family, I stayed away from the doctor's office and thought that I could handle this on my own. Yesterday was Day 20 of the illness. Angela convinced me that I wasn't getting any better. After being on the witness stand for over an hour yesterday (yes, sometimes we lawyers have to take the stand ourselves, which, I must admit, is a strange feeling), I managed to drag my carcass to see the Doc. He said I was in pretty bad shape and prescribed antibiotics, a cough suppressant, and Prednisone. I'm already feeling quite a bit better, but the Prednisone seems to be doing quite a number on my system. Working from home and not getting out in this strange weather is probably helping, too.

Between the illness and a tough month for UT basketball, I can't wait for February to arrive.

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