Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Saxby Takes Georgia In Run-off Rout

Good news out of Georgia, as GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss has staved off his Democratic challenger in Tuesday's state-mandated run-off. Chambliss won back on November 4th, as well, but Georgia law mandates a statewide run-off in the event that the winner on Election Day does not garner 50% of the vote.

I'm personally thrilled that Saxby is still a force in D.C. I always enjoyed going to his office when he was in the House; he and his staff were some of the best people on the Hill. With so many of the good conservatives from those early 2000's Congresses no longer in D.C. (Ed Bryant, Van Hilleary, and J.C. Watts come to mind, along with Lindsey Graham's leftward journey), it's important to have conservatives like Saxby in the Senate.

This is great news for all Americans who don't want to see the socialist agenda of the Democratic Party pushed through the Congress over the next two years. The filibuster-proof Republican numbers in the U.S. Senate - which currently numbers at 40 but could grow to 41 if the Democrats aren't successful in stealing the election for their tax-evading comedian nominee Norm Coleman is able to hold on in Minnesota - must hold together if this is to occur, but at least there is hope that this can be done.

This is also a sign that Republicans are not nationally dead. Special efforts like those of Bill Frist here in Tennessee allowed for those of us who couldn't travel to Georgia to help Saxby due to work responsibilities to help by calling Republicans in Georgia and encouraging them to get to the polls. Run-offs are about turning out your supporters, and the Republicans were able to do that in this case.

A final winner was arguably Sarah Palin. She was the designated "closer" for Saxby over the last few days of the run-off campaign, and Saxby's win can't hurt her rising political star.


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