Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Coach O

The rumors regarding Tennessee's new head football coach seem to change with the temperature around Knoxville. First it's Jon Gruden, then Bill Cowher, then Butch Davis, then Mike Leach, then Brian Kelley, then Tim Brewster...

It's nuts, and UT's recruits have had enough. They're jumping ship, and Coach Fulmer's top five recruiting class is in shambles.

Some people think that Lane Kiffin - previously of the Oakland Raiders and USC Trojans - should be hired to stop the bleeding and add stability to a disastrous situation. Of note, with Kiffin being currently unemployed, there would be no contract to buyout.

If Kiffin does come to UT, I know one of his old colleagues from USC that I want on his staff as recruiting coordinator...

If for no other reason but to embed this video 100 more times...


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