Thursday, October 02, 2008


Quote of the Day

OK, so he wrote it yesterday, but you get my point...

"Rosalind Kurita is not even on the ballot. I ask you, if the Tennessee Democratic Party can’t beat a woman who isn’t even on the ballot straight up without resorting to painting her an income tax supporter because of the owner of the venue of her fundraiser, what good is the Tennessee Democratic Party?"

- A.C. Kleinheider

MORE: I'll answer that question - they're not worth a damn. The only thing they have proven good at over the past few years is staying out of the way of Harold Ford's campaign in 2006 and disenfranchising voters of Tennessee's 22nd Senate District.

I have no problem giving respect to a worthy adversary. Not a problem there. However, it would not be accurate to label the Tennessee Democratic Party in that way.


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