Friday, October 31, 2008


McCain in Ohio

I'm watching the GOP nominee addressing a rally this morning in Hanoverton, Ohio. Maybe it's me because I'm suffering from election fatigue (and maybe that's just fatigue in general), but he sounds really energized. No, seriously, I mean it.

This is the John McCain that America has needed to see over the past few months. (Maybe with a different tie - strange red-pink color choice...) He's excited, optimistic, feisty, willing to mix it up. Kinda makes me think that Sarah Palin has been rubbing off on him.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the MSM is wrong. Fresh off an AP poll this morning that showed 1 in 7 voters not established in their voting choice, maybe this isn't "too little, too late" on behalf of the Arizona Senator.


I was sitting in the lobby of an office building this morning and watched the same rally, and had the same thoughts. It was bizarre. Like someone told him on the bus on the way over "Hey, it would help if you tried a little".

I attended the McCain/Schwarzenegger rally here in Columbus on Friday, and the Palin rally last night. The media's premature coronation of Obama has had an effect opposite of what was intended - it has energized the GOP base here in OH.

McCain/Palin will win OH, voter fraud notwithstanding.
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