Thursday, October 02, 2008


Early Snow in Colorado

Oh, you mean it wasn't snow on the ground? Then what was all of the white stuff surrounding former UT running back Travis Henry?
Geez. What a mess.

I loved "Cheese" when he was at UT. I even have a UT helmet and National Championship hat that he autographed for me. He's just a punchline now. First there were all of the positive marijuana tests. Then it was revealed that he apparently was trying to repopulate the planet with random women while not paying any child support. Now he's apparently a drug lord.

But probably the most ironic part can be read in the leaked affidavit. Travis Henry - the man who ran for 4,000 yards in his senior year of high school football, the leading rusher in UT history, and an All-Pro in the NFL - was run down from behind by a cop after a short pursuit on foot.
Exactly how does all of this happen?

UPDATE: From a reader:

"Since Cheese is going to be going away for a long time and won't be around for his kids, perhaps UT should allow all of his kids to come to Saturday's game against Northern Illinois. That should fill some of the seats and provide some much needed good will to the younguns."

I don't think Travis had that many kids. Estimates for Saturday's expected crowd range from 70,000 to 85,000, which means that there will probably be between 20,000 to 35,000 seats available. Not even Wilt Chamberlain could have produced that many kids.

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