Wednesday, September 17, 2008


New Links on the Sidebar

Due to the hard work of a few friends of VOLCon and a few formatting changes, links to most of the Republicans running for the Tennessee House can now be found on the sidebar.

A few sites were intentionally omitted. Robert Ramsey showed last week that he doesn't support other Republicans, so he can expect for other Republicans to look the other way when he asks for support. In fact, I can almost guarantee a 2010 primary challenger for Mr. Ramsey. Kent Williams, who also has chosen to war with his party, has also been left off of the list. Due to issue positions that border on socialism and embrace expansion of government interference into the private sector, I have left off Basil Marceaux of Tennessee's 29th District. Davidson County's Tim Lee was also excluded, as his website is too thin on policy for me to ascertain if the apparent animosity towards conservative is real or imagined.

Overall, the websites are a far cry from the General Assembly websites from the last election cycle. Even state races are producing quality candidate websites. Nothing can replace face-to-face contact with the electorate, but these type of candidate websites are a good resource for voters who want to learn about their voting options and want the information immediately.


I was combing around on the web and wandered in over here to see how y'all are doing :) I saw your links for the candidates. Thanks Rob for helping the State Candidates out. Rory (who is running against House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh) also has a blog you can access from his home page (or go to for those who would like to know more about him. He welcomes input/questions. I also blog in the "Woman's Point of View" category.

Lots of people in this area are excited about this race.

Hope you and the lil' VolCon're all better!

Tara Bricco
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