Friday, September 12, 2008


It's Almost Time...

Gas crisis be damned. I'll walk to Neyland Stadium over a hot bed of coals tomorrow if I have to.

None of this talk about reasons not to show up 100,000 strong tomorrow because our coaches - as they are prone to do - forgot how to coach to win two weeks ago. As long as those young men who wear the orange and white show up to play football and the band marches down Peyton Manning Pass to Neyland Stadium, I will be there.

Have a problem with the 12:30 start time? Then don't go to sleep. When I lived in Chicago, the Bears kicked off at noon. Nothing a little caffeine and watching some football-related DVDs won't solve.

See you at the stadium tomorrow, and GO BIG ORANGE!


rob, hope you and angela enjoyed the game. i just ran across your blog a couple of weeks ago. caught up on your convention reporting this evening and really enjoyed it. wish i knew you were blogging live at the time!
Greetings, Tennessee, from the home of the Rose Bowl! I happened upon your blog and enjoyed exploring. We would love to see Tennessee return to the RB someday.
By the way, I gave your site a plug today.
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