Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Tennessee Republican Tells Corker to Stand Ground on Energy Issues

Here's a letter that Tennessee Republican Todd Loveday recently sent to Senator Bob Corker, who appears to have turned away from the latest Republican push to open up more domestic drilling.

Senator Corker,

In past correspondence regarding the global poverty act, you indicated your concerns about worldwide poverty. In the past week, you have signed on to support a bill that increases subsidies for ethanol. Ethanol is not very energy efficient. Outrageous amounts of corn, water, and energy are required just to produce one gallon of ethanol. Fuel mileage for autos is even less when running gasoline containing ethanol.

In addition to this, increased production of ethanol has caused a spike in the price of several foodstuffs including corn, soybeans, wheat, poultry, beef, and pork. It has been reported that the hunger issue in third world countries is being exacerbated globally as a result of the decrease in corn for food on the market and subsequent price increases in regards to other food commodities.

We have ample amounts of oil off our coasts, in ANWR, and eventually in the oil shale areas of the West. We do not need to cave in by allowing increased regulation and other legal hurdles that can be set up by PETA, the EPA, and other entities. These groups are filled with left-leaning environmentalists who will simply increase the amount of red tape involved in building oil wells, refineries, and exploring.

There hasn't been a catastrophe involving offshore rigs or pipelines in over 30 years. The oil industry proved its safety and technological advancements when it passed the test of Katrina in the Gulf a couple of years ago. Why does your proposed legislation set the barrier for 50 miles off the coast and limit the number of states that would drill? Many experts believe that greater supply could be found if drilling commences from 20-30 miles off the coast.

The drill here, drill now movement is a winning issue for America. The pressure is on the left to stop allowing our economy and national security to be hamstrung by the environmental lobby. I encourage you to be steadfast in your resolve to stand up to this powerful lobby. Push for us to use all our resources, and help remove all of the red tape involved in expanding the oil, gas, and nuclear industries.


Todd Loveday

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