Thursday, August 14, 2008


State: Blount County Commission Will Appoint Duggan's Successor

In yet another blow to Blount County Democrats, the Tennessee State Election Commission issued an opinion regarding the soon-to-be-vacant General Sessions judgeship that requires the Blount County Commission to appoint a judge to sit on the bench until the elections in August, 2010.

The vacancy will occur once David Duggan is sworn in as the new Blount County Circuit Court Judge on September 2nd.

A few names have already been bandied about as to who may have an interest in the General Sessions position, with the name on everyone's lips being that of Robert Headrick, Assistant District Attorney.

I have worked with Robert on nearly a daily basis over the years, and I have found him to be an excellent prosecutor. While I know that I am supposed to be worried as a defense attorney about yet another prosecutor being elevated to the bench, I can't help but say that - in my opinion - Robert Headrick would be a great choice. I have no idea how District Attorney General Mike Flynn would replace Robert in his office, but his loss could be the Blount County judiciary's gain come September.

No doubt that the Blount County Democrats will take this ruling hard. After all, how will they come to terms with the State Election Commission - a group that is controlled by DEMOCRATS - being part of the vast Right-wing conspiracy, aka "the Republican Machine," that runs Blount County and cheats the Democrats out of everything?

Heh heh.

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