Thursday, August 07, 2008


Roe Takes Out Davis in the 1st

It's been one heck of a final week heading up to today's elections, and I promise to post more about the aftermath today.


I have been busily refreshing to see how Phil Roe would match up against David Davis in my home, Tennessee's 1st District. Just seconds ago, the Bristol Herald Courier called the race for Roe, who apparently has won by a mere 460 votes.

I have been an outspoken fan of Dr. Roe, so this is quite the good news. In fact, there was plenty of good news tonight.

I'm not sure what is more incredible - that Roe beat an incumbent Congressman or that one of my dear friends not only predicted Roe's win, but even got the margin of victory (0.8%) right. Who was the mystery predictor? Stay tuned...

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