Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Marsha on Watch in Denver

I just got off of a conference call with Congressman Marsha Blackburn, who is spending the week in Denver mixing things up with the Democrats.

Marsha said that she was having a great week thus far in Colorado, and she remarked that her appearance on Larry King earlier this week was refreshing due to the number of people on the panel who shared the same concerns that she has with the Democratic Party.

Marsha spent most of her time reflecting on the one issue which Democrats want to ignore but do so at their own peril. Certain liberal bloggers have blasted me for pointing out one of the more obvious problems with picking Joe Biden as the VP nominee - he's not a woman. Like it or not, bonehead Dems, but demographics play a key role in whom people vote for.

Expect women - with an emphasis on the group Women for McCain, of which Angela is the Knox County Chair of the state group (Tennessee Women for McCain) - to be a key area of emphasis at the Republican National Convention next week.

Marsha also touched on how the Democrats basically took the first day of the convention off when it comes to speaking about policy and government programs. She expects that talk of such things will pick up over the next few days, but she wants everyone to ask one question when they propose a Hybrid in every driveway and a personal doctor for every American - how do the Democrats propose that we pay for these ideas?

Good question. I hope Marsha hangs around Denver to see if she can make the Democrats come up with an answer.

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