Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Life and Death in Blount County

My apologies for being MIA for the past few days. After my weekend-of-fun (my reward for surviving yet another year on the planet), life has been rather somber. My friend and colleague, DCS Attorney Susan Rushing, lost her son, Jonathan, who had been involved a few years back in a bad ATV accident. Jonathan was several years my junior, so this was a crushing blow. The outpouring of support from friend, family, and co-workers in Maryville was incredible, with several hundred well-wishers attending the receiving of friends on Monday evening.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I received word that Glee Coppinger, who was one of the bailiffs for Judge David Duggan in Blount County, had passed away suddenly Tuesday morning. Glee was on the other end of life's journey as compared to Jonathan. You see, Glee had stormed the beach at Normandy during D-Day. I have known Glee for several years, and I enjoyed our conversations immensely. He will be missed, and I do dread attending court before Judge Duggan (probably next week) without Glee in attendance. It won't be the same.

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