Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Interesting Note About the Alexander/Tuke Race

I was told a while back by someone close to Lamar Alexander's campaign that if Lamar - in an uncontested primary - beat all of the Democratic challengers combined in the primaries last Thursday, that Lamar would have no problem coasting to victory in Tennessee and money from outside of Tennessee's borders would cease to flow towards the Democratic nominee.

I had almost forgotten that statement until I read Ken Whitehouse's column in Monday's Nashville City Paper. It appears that Lamar not only beat the five-headed Democratic monster, but he beat it by over 60,000 votes and without spending any campaign funds.

Maybe Tuke will do something crazy like turn himself blue or ride a donkey around the state to make this race interesting. If not, you can get the butter and jelly out, because Tuke's toast.

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