Monday, August 25, 2008


Biden? No, That Can't Be Right...

I was asked multiple times this weekend what I thought about Barrack Obama's pick of Joe Biden as his running mate. My answer was the same to all who asked - it was the best pick one could realistically hope for - if one was hoping to see John McCain in the White House.

I've said for a long time that in the current political climate that the one wild card in the 2008 elections was how the Democrats could screw this up for themselves. The Biden pick is a beautiful reflection of that.

How can a ticket (and, indeed, an entire political party) be about "change" when the man helping to pull the top of the ticket has been in Washington, D.C. for nearly as long as I have been alive (and longer than most of the young voters who trumpet Obama)?

How can a ticket say that it is about fighting the system and "Washington insiders" when the VP pick is the very picture of what a Washington insider is?

How can Obama expect for any woman with self-respect to vote for him when all that he has done is torpedo Hillary Clinton at every turn and pick a crusty old white man when presented with the opportunity to provide real demographic change in the Executive Branch?

How can Democrats have any faith in their party when a strategic move could have pushed them toward 270 electoral votes and ultimate victory in the presidential race by picking up Virginia (Webb, Kaine), Indiana (Bayh), or even Kansas (Sebelius), or putting an Hispanic on the ticket in Richardson?

Change? Nope. Just the same old bumbling Democratic Party.


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"If my pick were Biden, I'd wait until late Friday night to leak it, too."

One good point, though - by picking Biden, Obama has given me an excuse to drag out this golden oldie from the Red State Update files (warning - language is rough and not for younger ears):

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