Thursday, July 03, 2008


Minneapolis or Bust

Besides the attention that appeals and motions required this week, one reason for the lack of posting this week has been the need to make travel arrangements for September.

Yes, folks, the Huddleston's are heading to Minneapolis for the Republican National Convention.

You're surprised? Well, so am I. But that is what a good husband does, even if he's (currently) not supporting the nominee.

Angela has been selected as an alternate delegate representing the 2nd District of Tennessee. Of course, I am extremely proud that people in high places think so highly of my wife to think of her when the need came for a replacement to the delegates who ran for the position earlier this year.

So a part of my week has been selecting the best "family truckster" to travel across country (flying with all of the stuff needed for little Leo wasn't really an option), as well as a hotel past Chicago for the drive up.

But now I have a question - anyone know of a good place to watch my Vols play against UCLA while I'm in Minnesota?


Congradulations on going to the Convention! I dearly wish that I could be there as well.
Dave -

Surprisingly, it will be my first. I was set to go to San Diego in 1996, but campaign duties prohibited the trip. I haven't really considered tripping to the other conventions since then, but this was such an honor for the State Party to even ask Angela to do it that we couldn't say "no."

It should be quite the experience. If McCain chooses the right VP, then it should be all the more enjoyable for me.


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