Friday, July 25, 2008


Mad at Apu and the Feds

I had planned on blogging some today, but instead I have managed to spend the vast majority of the day dealing with 1) Delta Airline's customer service line which had some Indian/Pakistani guy on the line that thought for the longest time that I lived in "Norfolk" and not "Knoxville" and 2) the IRS, as I try to find out why my stimulus check has yet to arrive.

Certainly the Chinese bank that lent the money to the U.S. for the stimulus checks didn't run out of funds, now did it?

The IRS has surpassed the Pakistani guy for longevity of one continuous time on hold, but at least they were able to assist me. I finally gave up on poor Apu.

When are businesses like Delta, Norton's, and Whirlpool going to learn that moving their call centers out-of-country doesn't save money if it ends up costing them business?


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