Monday, July 21, 2008


Leo's First Door-to-Door Campaign Experience

Despite the sweltering summer temperatures, all three Huddleston's were on the campaign trail this weekend for Judge David Duggan, who is running to be the Judge of the Blount County Circuit Court. Above are Judge and Mrs. Duggan, Leo, and myself after a day of going door-to-door, talking to the voters of Blount County and asking them to support Judge Duggan in early voting.

Judge Duggan was one of the first judges to interject my firm into their normal rotation for appointed cases when I entered private practice. He has always been fair and professional, even when he rules against me or sends my clients to jail.

The heat was oppressive. As I told other volunteers this weekend, I have never been a fan of the August elections because that means that you're sweating through July to get elected. At least for the November cycle, you get to spend October outdoors while you campaign, and that's the prettiest month to live in Tennessee.


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