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John McCain's Divorce Problem

I'm not one of those guys that would never vote for a candidate because he or she had the unfortunate experience of being divorced. I'm not saying that all divorces are created equal, either. Even The Bible recognizes that. It seems more of a case-by-case basis on how the circumstances of the divorce came about that determines in my eyes of whether or not it is relevant to a man's character in the political arena.

Message to the GOP - your nominee may have a problem with this issue.

Taking into consideration that a) this story is from the Daily Mail, b) the Daily Mail is printed in Great Britain, and c) the Daily Mail is a rag of a paper by even British standards, there is a story in the Daily Mail that is an example of what is to come when Obama (or, should I say, Obama's attack groups) go negative.

The story is poorly written. The story is slanted as can be. The story is designed to be a piece of attack journalism. This is all granted.

However, there are some strong quotes of Perot and Sampley - real zingers. While Carol McCain doesn't go after her former husband, the story of her life is the stuff that can tug at the heartstrings of Americans once placed in the proper writer's hands. Carol McCain doesn't need to feel bitter towards her ex-husband; American sympathies being what they are, the electorate could certainly exhibit that bitterness in her stead.

Does this disqualify John McCain to be President of the United States? No. However, the GOP had better come up with a way of dealing with this problem, because I highly doubt that it is going away. We don't even get to the issue of qualifications if John McCain loses the election.

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Finally someone has addressed the white elephant in the room.

McCain abandons his disabled wife for a much younger, richer beer heiress. That is why the big corporations will get and keep him in office - he likes being a kept man. And he'll keep us in Iraq - so they continue to make profits.

You know the big ones:
Haliburton - who moved offshore so they wouldn't have to pay taxes back to us.
Blackwater - who is accountable to no one.
The telecoms - who want to take your free internet away
Big Oil - well Iraq and drilling in our pristine areas.

If Obama came close to any of this - I wouldn't like him either.
I find it fascinating that when the adulterer is a Democrat i.e. Clinton & now Edwards, the press spends endless hours discussing it and the Republicans went so far as to waste a couple of years impeaching Clinton, but now that the shoe is on the other foot & it's a Republican with some morality issues, we are hearing almost nothing. I don't particularly care who sleeps with whom, but find the hypocracy interestingl.
... and to think the old sap relies so heavily on "character." It takes a certain type of character alright; to dump your former swimsuit model wife when she no longer fits the bill for a trophy wife... for yet another, upgraded version. Campaing advisers knew what they were doing putting Palin on the ticket, and there you have it, old man relying on war stories and so-called character has yet another beauty by his side. scary to consider how so many can't see thru his facade. If he'll deceive a loyal, handicapped mother of his children, what would make ANYONE think he wouldn't deceive the American public? Oh wait, he actually is deceiving quite a few. Downright frightening, the blind naivity.
cpbear: "Interesting"? Its downright frightful! Who controls the media anyway??? Its all about egos, staging and entertainment. You have to hunt for truth... the distrust plays right into the hands that so desperately want to rule us all with fear. Fear is not the way.Fear is the opposite of truth, it merely attempts to keep us distracted.Glad that some are still paying attention.
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