Thursday, July 17, 2008


A Grand Time at Sir Goony's

We had a great time at Stacey Campfield's mini-golf fundraiser Wednesday evening. The VOLConWife, as a State Executive Committeewoman for the 6th District, could not partake as per Republican Party rules and watched Leo, who, as always, was the life of the party. I managed to have several fun and enlightening conversations with many true conservatives, such as Representative Bill Dunn, Representative Mike Bell, Lee Frank (Terry Frank's husband), the Center for Bioethical Reform's Fletcher Armstrong, and, of course, Representative Stacey Campfield himself.

Since most of us are of the opinion that Stacey's hard work and determination will carry him to a primary victory, much of the conversation was on other races around Tennessee. Of particular interest was the press release (discussed here by A.C. at Post Politics) by a group of conservative Republicans pointing out Representative Kent Williams - a leading RINO - and his uncanny ability to raise money from liberal Democrats. I was very much surprised when Williams knocked off a true conservative in Jerome Cochran during the last election cycle, especially in an area I know well, conservative Carter County.

The press release is additional evidence that Williams is not "one of us" and needs to be shown the door. Of course, I already knew that since I would never support one of the "Republicans" - like Doug Overbey - who supports the greatest threat to Tennessee civil rights in my lifetime, House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh.

In any case, the evening was fun, relaxed, and well-attended. I dare say that it might be Stacey's best fundraiser yet. So, to those like Georgiana Vines that are itching to write Stacey's political obituary, I have to think that your wait will continue.

Keep an eye on Stacey's website for some pictures and perhaps video from the event. I think that Lumpy Lambert had a video camera, so I assume that video may be forthcoming over at The Rep's site.

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