Thursday, July 03, 2008


Evangelicals Reluctantly Coming to McCain?

Interesting report from WorldNetDaily:
Dozens of Christian leaders meeting in Denver have concluded they should "get behind Sen. John McCain even if they didn't like everything about him" because the
alternative, presumptive Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama, actually could oversee the criminalization of Christianity, according to a report.

It's not like Phyllis Schlafly is the kind of person who would sell out her values for a vote. Remember what she had to say about Mike Huckabee, exposing him as a charlatan and conservative of campaign convenience?

I have expected the slow migration of Christian leaders toward McCain. However, the Christian base is totally uninterested in this election, so McCain would be best served to bring a strong, young Christian conservative onto the ticket to provide balance and energize the grassroots.

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