Thursday, July 03, 2008


Coulter: Republicans Need to be Drunk to Vote for McCain

Ann, as usual, doesn't hold back on how she really feels about John McCain:
The irony is, the only people McCain can count on to vote for him are the
very Republicans he despises -- at least those of us who can get drunk
enough on Election Day to pull the lever for him. In fact, we should
organize parties around the country where Republicans can get drunk so they
can vote for McCain. We can pass out clothespins with his name as a reminder
and slogan-festooned vomit bags. The East Coast parties can post the number
of drinks necessary for the task to help the West Coast parties. For more
information, go to

Heh, not sure that would work. The same conservative voters who wonder about McCain's skipping of the prayer breakfast to attend some phony baloney conservation rally probably aren't big drinkers.

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It may be wise to have a few on Election Day-we will need them
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