Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Buchanan: Obama is the New LBJ

WorldNetDaily has an interesting piece by Pat Buchanan on how similar Obama's plan with how to deal with Afghanistan is to Lyndon Johnson's manner in dealing with the Viet Cong after Nixon's resignation.

A plan without an endgame is either wishful thinking or political pandering. Perhaps Obama's is a bit of both. America cannot win in Afghanistan with a mere addition of 10,000 troops fresh off of time spent in Iraq.

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re-read the article - it's about LBJ's strategy after JFK's death, not Nixon's resignation . . .

LBJ wouldn't have had any impact on strategy after Nixon left town. . .
We've been in Afghanistan without an endgame for six years. We've been in Iraq without an endgame for five years. McCain wants to stay in Iraq 100 years.

And you criticize Obama...
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