Tuesday, June 03, 2008


AP Parties Like It's 2000

Earlier this morning, the AP cited anonymous sources in a story that laid out how Hillary Clinton was to drop out of the race tonight. This while the polls were open in the last two primaries for this presidential campaign.

As the Clinton campaign denied the reports, the AP apparently needed a new way to depress Clinton voter turnout today. They needed to reach into their bag of tricks, ala Florida in 2000.

Viola - the race is over, and Obama won.

Go home, South Dakota and Montana residents. No need to vote today.

Where did the 30 delegates come from that Obama needed to reach the magic number for the nomination? Who knows? The AP is made up of geniuses who took the path of least resistance to a college degree - ask them.

MORE: Yes, I'm steamed. No, I'm not directly hurt by this because I'm not a Democrat. I just hate it when anything - especially a biased media - inserts itself in a manner that undercuts the right to vote. That position knows no party.

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