Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Would a Green McCain Equal Less Greenbacks for America?

Columnist Phil Brennan of NewsMax and formerly of National Review thinks so, even going so far as to invoke the name of the inventor of these here Internets as a comparison.

(McCain's) views on global -- oops -- climate change -- have been no secret, but his latest pledge to take strong action to stop the planet from heating up dangerously puts him squarely in the ranks of Al Gore's cohort of climate change alarmists, a group known for their fanaticism.

Brennan cites a piece by John Carney from GQ:

With a slowing economy, escalating food prices and energy prices climbing ever higher, you might think that Republican presidential candidate John McCain would be hesitant to endorse a European Union-style carbon emission trading scheme that seems likely to result in less economic growth, higher energy prices and higher food prices from increased biofuel demand.

Brennan's piece is interesting, especially the parts regarding the current cooling phenomenon we have observed over the past decade. Funny how the media and moonbats all seem to have missed that one.

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