Thursday, May 01, 2008


Smokies Friends of the NRA Banquet Set

From the NRA Foundation:

The Smokies Friends of NRA plans to hold a banquet on Saturday, May 10th at 6:00 PM at the Mainstays Suites, 410 Pine Mountain Road in Pigeon Forge. Tickets may be purchased at Sevier Indoor Range, 1874 Country Meadow Drive in Sevierville or by calling (865) 774-6111. You may also purchase tickets by contacting local committee chairman Tom Ressler at (865) 604-1026 or

Friends of NRA is a key event that supports thousands of community service related to firearm education, hunter safety, wildlife conservation, range improvements, youth marksmanship and law enforcement, among others. Working with NRA field representatives, the members and volunteers organize banquets in their communities, complete with auctions, special drawings and fellowship. Much of the merchandise at the banquets is donated or provided at reduced cost by hundreds of participating vendors.

The Friends of NRA is the face of the NRA, run at the grassroots level by people from all walks of life. At a Friends of NRA banquet, you'll meet fire chiefs, engineers, shopkeepers, police officers, and teachers: all mainstream citizens working together to support an important cause in preserving our rights and heritage.

Half of the profits raised by each Friends of NRA banquet will be spent in the state in which it was held. The other half supports qualifying national-level programs like the Eddie Eagle GunSafeĀ® Program, Women On TargetĀ®, and other educational and safety services. State Fund Committees made up of volunteers review grant applications from local organizations and make recommendations to The NRA Foundation on how the money might best be used in their areas. For more information about Friends of NRA, visit

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