Thursday, May 01, 2008


My Hero: Chris Lofton

I was not one of the few who knew that Chris Lofton, the All-American shooting guard for UT, was diagnosed with cancer this past year. But I knew something was wrong early on in the season. I never thought it was cancer, but I knew something wasn't right.

Read Chris Low's outstanding piece on I wept buckets, and I'm not afraid to admit it. My love for Chris Lofton, his parents, and everything that they stand for cannot be measured. I can only hope that my son embodies those same qualities when he grows up.

Whether Chris Lofton ever plays in the NBA is irrelevant for how Vol fans will remember him. I hope he does for his own satisfaction, because his work ethic and selflessness should be rewarded. My selfish hope is that I'm in attendance with my own son when Chris Lofton's #5 jersey is hung from the rafters at Thompson-Boling Arena. I want to show my gratitude for his bravery now that its extent is known, and I want my son to see why the qualities Chris Lofton exhibits are so important in life.

Thank you, Chris Lofton. You truly have the heart of a Tennessee Volunteer.


I'm a native Knoxvillian who now lives in the Maysville area. My oldest son, who played basketball, was a freshman when Chris was a senior in high school and practiced with Chris. My two younger kids are still in Mason County schools where Chris' mother teaches.

Watching Chris play in high school and and then at my alma mater has been a genuine pleasure for me. But all but the knowing few in his home town wondered why his shot was off this year too.

He's always been a classy kid. His parents are wonderful people so it's no wonder Chris is who he is. But, just like some of the shots he's hit, he has surprised me again.
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