Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Momentum Gaining Behind GOP Senate Trouble?

A.C. has a post over on his site regarding Mitch McConnell now beginning to feel the heat behind this title wave of Democratic momentum. My reply, also in the comments over at A.C.'s site, is not as alarmist as some are proving to be.



OK, there are some Republican Senators who are going to have problems. I grant you that. However, one can look into the numbers and the dynamics of the particular states in play - as I have instead of following the 3 Democrats running for POTUS - and see that all is not lost.

Alexander is safe. McConnell is safe. Coleman is safe. Chambliss is safe. Dole and Cochran should be fine. However, where the real trouble for the GOP lies is in states such as Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia, where losses are probable for open seats that were in the GOP column.

If the RNC is smart (and it has shown to be anything but on a national level this decade), it will pour resources into the retirement states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia, as well as possible pick-ups in Louisiana and New Jersey where good candidates face tired Democratic incumbents. Use those resources to point out that things have become drastically worse economically under Democratic rule in both houses of Congress. Turn the tables, saying that it's hard to pin this one on the GOP when it's been the Democrats in control since gas was under $2.00 a gallon.

Keeping the line drawn at 40 GOP Members of the Senate is more important than a certain loss in the race for POTUS.




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