Tuesday, May 06, 2008


FACT Gives Thanks

Family Action Council of Tennessee issued a statement, a bit of which is included below, that commends those Tennessee State Representatives that supported life here in the Volunteer State through the form of SJR 127:

Rep. Dunn is to be commended for his extraordinary effort by a very creative means to get SJR 127 to the floor for an up or down vote. A lesser person without Rep. Dunn's commitment to this cause could have been intimidated by the powerful forces that control the House. All Republicans, but for one, voted in support of Rep. Dunn on every motion designed to thwart his effort and they, too, should be commended.

And a special commendation should be accorded to the Democratic Representatives who also voted in support of Rep. Dunn's effort every time. They are, alphabetically, Eddie Bass, Curt Cobb, Charles Curtiss, Nathan Vaughn and John Mark Windle. They showed that their convictions on the issue of life were more important than the partisan overtones that had surrounded this Resolution and more important than gaining the approval of fellow party members who opposed the effort.

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