Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Bob Barr Takes on the GOP, Democrats

Bob Barr, former GOP Congressman from Georgia, takes on his former Party and dishes plenty of the same on the Democrats in the video below:

Barr is seeking the Libertarian Party's nomination for President of the United States. I always thought that Barr was an interesting guy during his time in Congress, and it will be interesting to see if he gains the traction needed to upset McCain's apple cart should he receive the LP's nomination. (Currently, Barr is polling between one and eight percent, depending on the state, which isn't too shabby given that he has only been a candidate for a number of weeks.)

Someone in the GOP must be scared of a Barr candidacy, though, as several attack articles like this one from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and this one from National Review Online have suddenly popped up on the eve of the Libertarian Party Convention in Denver this weekend. When was the last time that a LP candidate starting receiving fire before the convention? I can't recall it ever happening, to tell the truth.

I could see me supporting Barr. Despite the erroneous report that I had endorsed Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin, I remain uncommitted. It certainly didn't help Baldwin's chances when I attempted to e-mail the head of the Tennessee Constitution Party to see how they planned to gain ballot access here in the Volunteer State. That e-mail came back with fatal errors at the receiving end. What really gives me pause is that the head of the Tennessee Constitution Party is the wife of Baldwin's running mate, Darrell Castle. That certainly didn't inspire any great confidence in the third largest party in the United States.

Barr doesn't strike me as the traditional Libertarian candidate. He hasn't turned himself blue. He hasn't created a nickname for himself like "Liberty Bell," "Apple Pie," or "Firecracker." Heck, I don't think that he's advocated for legalizing statutory rape or bestiality (although he did apparently lobby for medicinal marijuana a few years back). Could Bob Barr lend some much needed credibility to a party that has been short on such for several years?

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