Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Al Franken for Senate - Now That's Entertainment!

I've posted several times on VOLCon about Democrat Al Franken's bizarre run for Minnesota's Senate seat currently held by moderate Republican Norm Coleman.

Even the novice political wonk certainly remembers Al Franken from his stint as a writer/actor on Saturday Night Live and then on that failed radio project of MoveOn.org known as Air America.

What has been happening in his campaign, however, has been more elaborate and strange than anything Franken ever wrote for SNL. Worker's Compensation scandals, failure to pay taxes in several states, lies, deceit - and that's just in the last couple of months.

Things keep getting weirder, and blogger Michael Brodkorb (of the blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed) can be credited with keeping Franken's feet to the fire. In his latest post, Brodkorb has been investigating Franken's claims about not receiving mail related to his Worker's Compensation problems at his New York residence. Included in Brodkorb's report are apparent lies and potential forgery.

As I said previously, truth here is stranger than fiction (unless it's fiction that is based on truth, such as with HBO's latest stinker Recount, which I hope to torpedo later this week). It's looking like Coleman won't have to go negative against Franken, because ol' "Stuart Smalley" is doing a daggone good job of exposing his own negatives to Minnesota voters on a daily basis.


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