Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Faulk Approaching $150k in Fundraising

Mike Faulk, who is taking the fight to incumbent senator/part-time Earnhardt impersonator Mike Williams in Tennessee's 4th Senate District, announced today that he has raised over $146,000 thus far from over 300 individual donors. The Faulk for Senate press release is as follows:


ROGERSVILLE, TENN. – The Mike Faulk for State Senate Campaign will file financial disclosures on Thursday showing a cash-on-hand balance of over $105,000.

Faulk formed an exploratory committee in June, 2007, and made his campaign official last month. Mike Faulk has been lining up support and financial resources within Hawkins, Hancock, Claiborne, Jefferson, Union and Grainger Counties and all across Tennessee. The Faulk Campaign has now raised over $146,000.

“That such a large number of the contributors to this campaign are from here in the 4th Senate District says a lot about the hunger to improve our representation in Nashville”, Faulk said, adding “the shear number of financial donors to this campaign is staggering – over 300 now.”

The disclosure will show that since last June, individual contributions exceed Political Action Committee contributions nearly 4 to 1. “I’ve said all along I’ll accept PAC contributions from organizations that share my political philosophy. I’m not going to start this campaign by saying one thing and then doing another. Folks have had enough of that.”

The incumbent State Senator, Mike Williams, who made an 11th hour decision to run for reelection in 2008, once campaigned for the Senate seat in 1996 telling voters he had never taken special interest campaign money and promising he never would.[see below] Now an overwhelming majority of Williams’ campaign funds come from special interest groups. And very few of Williams’ contributors reside in the 4th Senate District.


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