Wednesday, April 09, 2008


April Showers...

Things have simply been too busy to focus on VOLuntarilyConservative recently. I'm referring to the following:

So, yeah, it's been busy around here...

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Please come back to the First District...please?

Do I have to beg? What must I do to get you home...shall I get on my hands and knees? I am more than willing.
Dave -

Oh, you know how much we love the entire 1st District. We are always reminded of it when we head back that way, lately with visits to Sevier County, Jefferson County, Hawkins County, Greene County, and Sullivan County.

Find a way to cure the housing market so that I could flip my house for no loss and we'd probably be headed back to our home in the 1st District. I've had enough of Knox County politics.


If I were in your shoes, I'm not so sure I wouldn't take the highest price I could get and eat it. You're a good lawyer, and can make up the difference in plenty of business when you get back here.
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