Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Abortion at the University of Kentucky

The Center for Bioethical Reform recently presented their Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) at the University of Kentucky. GAP is a demonstration marked by two-dozen large posters related to the abortion procedure, as well as information on abortion provided by volunteers for those who ask for it.

GAP's presence at UK sparked a negative editorial by the staff at the Kernel, the student newspaper. In the editorial, the newspaper took the position that abortion is not genocide.

As a way of proving their point, the newspaper started an online poll on the subject. I suppose that they thought the enlightened students of academia would show their pro-choice stripes in an educated manner.


As of this writing on Wednesday afternoon, the results of the poll are 84% for recognizing abortion as genocide and 16% against.

Guess the audience of the Kernel is enlightened, after all.


You might want to point out this excellent response --- yes, I wrote it --- to the Kernel editorial:
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