Monday, March 24, 2008


Up Later This Week: Hawkins County Lincoln Day

Although it's Monday, I'm already eagerly awaiting Friday's Hawkins County Lincoln Day. Why, you might ask? Take a read over at their county party's blog to see why you should plan to be at this top-notch event (if you can find tickets) in what some are calling "the biggest night in the history of Hawkins County politics." Bob Corker, Bill Jenkins, Ron Ramsey, Mike Faulk, Phil Rowe, David Davis - that's lots of political star power for one night!

And you don't even have to miss the Vols play the Cardinals from Loserville, I mean, Louisville. UT drew the Thursday night slot, so all you will miss NCAA-wise are the Davidson-Wisconsin and Stanford-Texas games. And, as all sports animals know, that's what Tivo is for...

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