Monday, March 03, 2008


Saturday's SEC Meeting

The Republican State Executive Meeting this past Saturday provided plenty of interesting tidbits. In no particular order, I've offered a few thoughts below:

Robin Smith Resolution

The State Executive Committee of the Tennessee Republican Party wishes to commend Robin Smith for her commitment to the office of Chairman. Over the past seven months, she has displayed an extraordinary level of dedication to the office of which she was unanimously elected.

The State Executive Committee is fully supportive of the Chairman as she deals with the challenging issues and events that confront the Tennessee Republican Party from time to time.
The State Executive Committee eagerly looks forward to following Chairman Robin Smith into the Fall 2008 elections as she continues to lead the Tennessee Republican Party on the road of becoming the majority party of the State of Tennessee.

That's all for now. Time to get my little one to his first day of daycare. Ughh.

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Hi Rob,

That is terrific news about Bill Frist. He will be a great candidate for governor. Although I live in Florida, I am thinking of moving to Tennessee next year. We are looking for a manufactured home.
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