Thursday, February 14, 2008


Lincoln Day Road Trip

Claiborne County's Lincoln Day Dinner will be Friday night on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University. Lamar Alexander, who is about to be elected to his second term after steamrolling the potential nominal Democratic candidate in Bob Tuke, is the keynote speaker.

I'll be attending and sitting at the table of Republican Tennessee Senate candidate Mike Faulk. With Claiborne being one of the six counties that comprise the 4th District, Mike will be among his future constituency. I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I bet that Mike Williams will be nowhere near Harrogate tomorrow night. But that's understandable, as Williams is probably too busy hanging out with liberal lobbyists trying desperately to bankroll his campaign against the popular Mike Faulk.

Faulk might want to thank Lamar, as well. By baiting the aforementioned Tuke into apparently running against him, Lamar very well may push more Republicans to the polls in November. This could counteract any negative effect that John McCain may have on the Republican ticket. Although Lamar's voting record hasn't been as conservative as some would hope, the perception here in Tennessee is that he is one of our favorite sons, likeable, and still "one of us." That's very important, as Tennesseans come running when one of their own is in need. That could help out the GOP in the General Assembly races being decided in November.

If I can juggle it all, I will have pictures and a post from Claiborne County up sometime this weekend.

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