Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Lamar Draws Another Democratic Challenger

Sorry I'm so late on this one folks. It's taken me hours to stop laughing after reading the announcement that former Knox County Clerk Mike Padgett will be running against Senator Lamar Alexander this November. Of course, that assumes that Padgett can get past Chris Lugo in the August primary, which is no sure thing given that 1) no one outside of Knox County knows who Mike Padgett is, and 2) those who do know who he is don't like him that much.

Now let me get this straight - only days after watching the political power base of Knox County - those who ignored term limits and sold Knox County government up the river for their own personal political gain - get destroyed by an angry voting public, Mike Padgett - one of the key figures in said power base - suddenly comes up with the idea that Tennesseans want him to run for a higher, more important office?!?!

It's almost as if Padgett read this post by Brian Hornback and thought that Brian wasn't being facetious.

Lugo has more name recognition coming in, but Padgett will undoubtedly have the Knox County good ole boys dirty money machine backing him. This should be decent entertainment for the summer.

MORE: Brian Hornback weighs in and gives some advice to those who might need to expose Mr. Padgett's record of service.

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Thanks for the mention. I will be posting on Mike soon, as well.
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