Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Knox County Actually DOES Throw the Bums Out

With the lone exception of Fred Sisk winning the GOP nomination for Trustee, Knox County voters put their vote where their mouth was on Tuesday, choosing to throw out illegal appointees and others (like Scott Moore) who were connected to the backroom politics that has permeated our county government for so many years. Even the attorney who represented the scoundrels in Chancery Court was given his walking papers.

It's hard to argue with any of the Knox County Commission selections on the GOP side. It appears that Sisk survived because of the protest vote being split four-ways, allowing for his small plurality to win the day.

The purge knew no party affiliation, and I have heard many Republicans planning to vote Democratic on certain races come August to make sure that the cleansing of the old ways of doing things is complete.

Overall, it was a dark day for those who were running things and great day for those who should be in charge - the people of Knox County.


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