Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Good News for GOP Senate Hopes

Several excellent stories have come out today regarding GOP prospects of holding their 40 votes in the Senate.

First comes word from Kansas that Greg Orman, regarded as the most formidable Democratic candidate, has dropped out of the race for U.S. Senate. He was set to take on Senator Pat Roberts in the general election. Orman's demise only leaves Lee Jones, who lost to Sam Brownback in 2004 by 41-points, to fight for the Democratic nomination.

Then we have polling out of Colorado that shows conservative Republican Bob Schaffer in a dead heat with liberal Democrat Mark Udall. This race will be to replace the retiring Senator Wayne Allard. Udall has been considered to be the favorite in this race, but recent Rasmussen polling shows this race to be highly competitive.

Next comes word that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has seen an up-tick in his approval ratings. McConnell will be challenged by either Bruce Lunsford (himself a two-time loser) or Greg Fischer for the Democrats. McConnell received a boost last week when Andrew Horne, who probably would have been the toughest opponent for McConnell, was apparently muscled out of the race by the Democratic political machine.

Then comes another poll that shows that New Jersey voters feel that incumbent Senator Frank Lautenberg has "been around too long." This is on the heels of another poll that reflected that the Senator's age (he would be 90 at the conclusion of the term he is seeking in November) was too high for him to seek reelection.

It's been a while since the GOP has had something to be happy about. Let's hope this is a trend, folks.


The Colorado Senate race is very competitive, and Republican Bob Schaffer has a great chance to win. Learn more about this race, including Mark Udall's long liberal record, at http://schaffervudall.blogspot.com
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