Friday, February 22, 2008


GOA: McCain No Better than Cinton or Obama on Guns

I read this column by Pastor Chuck Baldwin that made some serious allegations against Republican Nominee-in-waiting John McCain and his record on the Second Amendment and firearms rights.

So I decided to look into McCain's record. Here are the ratings by Gun Owners of America for John McCain over the past several election years:

This is no better than Obama (F) or Clinton (F-) received.

From what I can tell, McCain's last ranking of significance from the NRA was a C+. That ain't too good, because NRA ranks on a more friendly scale than the often overharsh GOA.

So, my fellow supporters of the Second Amendment, it appears that our candidate - the one who would actually support our right to keep and bear arms as stated in the U.S. Constitution - hasn't declared his or her candidacy yet, as none of the 3 options at this point even come close to passing muster with GOA.

UPDATE: The Countertop Chronicles - a pro-gun blog if there ever was one - has a different take on GOA that brings their McCain rankings into question. Countertop basically believes that GOA has been overrun by the Ron Paul supporters, which would explain the anti-McCain rhetoric, and breaks down McCain's votes. That still doesn't explain the NRA ratings, though.

I do know that McCain is currently down as co-sponsor of the carry bill in national parks currently before the Senate. Maybe McCain isn't so great on guns, but maybe he isn't as bad as GOA makes it appear.

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